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1 be noisy with activity; "This office is buzzing with activity" [syn: hum, buzz]
2 be in an agitated emotional state; "The customer was seething with anger" [syn: boil]
3 foam as if boiling; "a seething liquid"
4 boil vigorously; "The liquid was seething"; "The water rolled" [syn: roll]

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  1. In the context of "of a liquid}} To boil vigorously.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abound, assemble, bake, bathe, be angry, be excitable, be in heat, be livid, be pissed, be turbulent, bellow, blaze, bloom, blow a gasket, blow up, blubber, blunder, bluster, boil, boil over, brew, bristle, broil, browned off, bubble, bubble over, bubble up, bunch, bunch up, burble, burn, careen, career, carry on, catch fire, catch the infection, chafe, choke, churn, clot, cluster, collect, combust, come apart, come together, congregate, converge, cook, copulate, couple, crowd, date, distill, douche, drench, drouk, effervesce, erupt, excite easily, explode, falter, ferment, fire up, fizz, fizzle, flame, flame up, flare, flare up, flash up, flicker, flip, flock together, flounce, flounder, flow together, flush, foam, forgather, fret, fry, fume, fuse, gang around, gang up, gasp, gather, gather around, get excited, glow, go into hysterics, go on, guggle, gurgle, have a conniption, have a tantrum, herd together, hiss, hit the ceiling, hive, horde, huddle, imbrue, imbue, impregnate, incandesce, infiltrate, infuse, inject, labor, lave, leach, league, link, lixiviate, lurch, macerate, mass, meet, merge, mill, mill around, moil, muster, overflow, pant, parboil, parch, percolate, permeate, pissed off, pitch, pitch and plunge, plop, plunge, radiate heat, rage, raise Cain, raise hell, raise the devil, raise the roof, rally, rally around, ramp, rant, rant and rave, rave, reel, rendezvous, rinse, roast, rock, roil, roll, run a temperature, saturate, scald, scorch, shimmer with heat, simmer, sizzle, smoke, smolder, smother, smoulder, soak, sodden, sop, souse, spark, sparkle, stagger, steam, steep, stew, stifle, stir, storm, stream, struggle, stumble, suffocate, surge, swarm, sway, sweat, swelter, swing, take fire, take on, teem, thrash about, throng, throw a fit, toast, toss, toss and tumble, toss and turn, totter, tumble, turn a hair, unite, wallop, wallow, wash, waterlog, welter, work
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